Friday, December 28, 2007

Kwanzaa, Jessica and Missing The "D" part 2

Happy Kwanzaa! I must admit that I have never done the holy days officially, but have always wanted to do something like Kwanzaa with the whole Black community.

We're in The D and having a beautiful time and always strive to take advantage of something we can't do in Big City Wanna Be. This time we went to the opening Kwanzaa celebration at the Charles H. Wright Museum. I was hipped to the event by Ms. Jessica Care Moore my newest Sister who is from The D and is living here again for a few months.

On the program with Jessica was the esteemed Haki Madhubuti who we heard briefly. The feeling of being among 200 conscious Black people who were there to just be together and experience whatever was offered was just grand. You could feel the hope, the dedication and the pride all at once. Brothers gave up seats for women with children. When Jessica needed to go sell some books and left me with her son in his stroller, other sisters pulled the stroller near and kept him from being brushed when people walked by. It was just a righteous night.

Haki really did it right. He spoke truth to the people who needed to hear his words. He didn't do like some people and take the message of self reliance and responsibility to the streets, he took it to the appropriate party; those who claim to be among the knowing.

I got three things from his words that I want to really work on.

He asked, "What stops a bullet?" Answer: A job (self employed or employee). We need to encourage our youth to be productive producers and workers.

Next, he spoke about how the arts are transforming for young minds and have the potential to alter lives by the exposure to something more than what is seen on the streets.

Lastly, he spoke on how much we need to make our homes a place of learning. He said look at your home and what is in it. Is it set up for learning? First, is it clean? Next, does the art reflect the occupants of the home? What books are on the shelf, how many books are on the shelf? What CD's and more importantly what DVD's do you own and what does all that say about you?

It was a blessing to be there.

I didn't get enough of Jess and her son so I invited them to my sisters for our farewell fish fry. Here's a photo with me, my sister, sister in law, Jess and her son (you'll have to figure who is who :-) She shared a poem with us and one of my younger cousins sang, it was great night.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great time during this season of celebration. I am having one of the best vacations of my life.


Brother OMi said...

i have to ask:

is she still with Sharriff Simmons? and is he okay. i know he got shot recently...

its not happy kwanzaa
its habari gani (then you respond with today's principle...)

Sister P said...

Thanks for the correction Bro. Omi. Jess is married (separated) to a brother whose last name is Poole. I did not hear about Bro. Sharriff being shot, but I'll email Jess a link to this post and see if she has some info.

~Habari gani!

Bridgette Alyce said...

This is why I enjoy coming here and reading you, my sista! The opportunity for edification presents itself on the daily! OK... I loved reading about your experience in the D. (I have relatives there - name of Greathouse -my father's people)... Your retelling of that beautiful time and what you learned has blessed me. And I LOVE sista Jessica! Heard about her some 7 years ago, been a fan ever since. Happy you were able to share love with her and her son. Keep bringing "consciousness" to a sleeping world!