Thursday, October 18, 2007

Judge not, lest....

Who made The Coz an expert on Black culture and all that is righteous? When he began his tirade in 2004, he opened the flood gates for people to start criticizing Black youth and poor Black people and their lifestyles. He began using stereotypes to prove that we needed to "get it together".

I was going to just let him do his thing. Though I didn't agree with his assumptions and tactics, I thought I could just let him have his opinion.

But then...
I caught him on Auntie O's show. Auntie O had a young man on the show who saw his mother shot in the face by her boyfriend. He was then raised by his grandmother and made it to college and will be the first in his family to graduate. Auntie O was just "amazed" that he didn't join a gang or sell drugs and loved the fact that he is not bitter about life. Then the Coz asks him what does he think about those who fell victim to the streets.

OK, now I see. The Coz is judgmental and is now training up some more judgmental do nothing talkers. He may drop some cash here and there, but where is he working with misguided teens and young mothers on a regular basis?

When did he give up comedy and become a sociologist? Didn't he go to school for education? I'm tired of him.

Some people grow wiser as they grow older, some just get old.