Monday, July 28, 2014

Green Monday - Late gardening

So we got a late start to the garden (April).

We have great cucumbers now. Mint and sage are good.
Above is the beginning

These two are as the plants are catching the trellis.

As of today they are above this trellis, which is more than 6 feet high, 
we're getting 2-3 cukes each week now.

Still to come for the summer: Okra, eggplant, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

For fall: brussel sprouts are going down this week, LOTS of them! Spinach will be grown in pots on the balcony because we have too many wild things down below.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Distance doesn't mean distant

When my father fell ill, I wanted him to come to Kentucky for recovery.

I knew that with our flexible work schedule and healthy eating habits, we could have him back on his feet in no time.

But he said, ''No''.

My dad adored my babygirl, she's his only granddaughter. He really liked my husband, you know he loved me but his answer was still ''No.''

Selfishly and dramatically I thought, ''Dang, he'd rather live in this nursing home than be with me.''

Friday, July 18, 2014

Peace is created

Bismillah...Ramadan Mubarak!

In my 2013 in review post I ended by saying:

My wish for all who stop by this blog: May you have PEACE with all that Allah has in store for your life in 2014. The good and the bad and the lessons.

That is my constant prayer. To be at peace.

Late evening on January 26, my dad suffered an unusual headache and went to the urgent care.

After an evaluation he was rushed to the hospital due to a brain bleed.

On January 27 he had emergency brain surgery and I was in Detroit by the time he was back from surgery.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This is not a ''catch up'' post

This is a ''start where you are'' post.

There is no way to catch you up on what has happened and is happening in my life right now. I'll just get started.

But as of today I am back, and blogging!