Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jessica Care Moore and Missing "The D"

I LOVE DETROIT! And have never met a person from The D that I didn't love. The poet, writer, business woman, publisher, mother, wife Jessica Care Moore was here in Big City Wanna Be for the weekend and she is SO Detroit. She even has a "D" tatted on her arm. (I want one so bad).

Jessica made me have a new appreciation for poetry. I usually don't want to do all the thinking that goes along with poetry (symbolism, metaphors, etc.)She just breaks it down.

As I watched her juggle the hectic schedule that "we"/African Girl planned for her with a one year old in tow, I saw myself. Someone who has a plan that includes self-fulfillment and motherhood and financial gains. She performed and cared for her son and handled her publishing business and socialized with guests at dinners and receptions.

She is phenomenal and my sister and lovely and inspiring and intelligent and a Black woman.

Here's a bonus video if you want some more Jessica (sorry Ms. J, I know you didn't approve these clips on the 'tube but it does the job :o)

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African girl, American world said...

I had too much fun despite everything. King stole the show :)