Friday, January 4, 2008

Our collective self-esteem

I am not one of those who allows the weight of the Black community to be put on my shoulders. I am not the one who cringes when I'm with a group of whites and a "ghetto" brother or sister walks in doing their thang. I say, "Do you, baby!"

But I tell you what. Today I feel happy for US ALL. Black children can dream a new dream. I feel like I can hold my head a little higher and walk a bit taller. I may be 6 foot today, I was just 5'10" before the Iowa caucus!

Thanks Barack! I was going to do it anyway, but Monday I am changing political parties so I can vote for you in my states primary election.

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Bridgette Alyce said...

I'm going to have to change political parties, too, Sister P. That eloquent, off-da-dome speech he made in New Hampshire floored me! The man is amazing, and I do believe he is the genuine article - what you see is who he is. Rare, in these times. I also do not feel burdened by "ghetto" blacks or any other types of bad-actors among our race. They don't project or reflect me and mine. Like you said, I was going to do it anyway! Kudos to you, sista 6 feet tall!