Thursday, December 27, 2007

Little Gods - DVD Review

Right out the gate this video had my, then 2 year old, daughter mesmerized!

The video shows four Black children, who are siblings, doing things that we should all be teaching our children. The children's parents produced this very educational video.

The video skillfully teaches children that we should strive to be as the Creator in our own way in everything we do. Each set of scenes is categorized into one of the 99attributes of God (the video does not do all 99, just 5-7 I think). For example "The Powerful" shows the children demonstrating basic calisthenic exercises. "Compassionate" shows the girls taking care of their dolls and hugging each other.

As a Muslim, I can use it as a teaching aid for religion class but I know non-Muslims who use it and say that they don't feel that it "proselytizes".

Scenes include:

Children setting the table
Cleaning up their toys
Doing arts and crafts
Eating fruit
Getting dressed (jackets, shoes only)
Watering plants
Washing hands
Learning geography
and the list goes on and on

Muslims and non-Muslims will find this video a great teaching tool. It is one that will be enjoyed for years. My daughter "burned out" on it after about 3 months of watching it daily, but has picked it up again at 3 because now she is more interested in tying her shoes and putting on her coat and reading numbers. So I'm sure she'll continue to grow into it.

I've seen it at bookstores that specialize in Black books and I've seen it online at

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Brother OMi said...

i will have to cop this one.. thanks for the buzz