Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ramadan activities and lessons for children Pt. 2

Better late than never I say! We did not finish all of our Ramadan activities on time, BUT the lessons were still important so we "got 'er done"!

Here I listed all that I planned for the month.  This is #3:

Homemade Prayer Rug

Content Areas Covered: language arts (vocabulary), religion, arts and crafts
Paper and pencil for sketching
Solid color pillow case (spare one of course)
Felt or other thick solid fabric
Straight pins
Glue or sewing materials

 First we began with discussion of prayer.  I referred back to our pillar lessons for reinforcement. Then  I told her we were making a prayer rug. If your child is not familiar with a prayer rug, explain the use in tradition of using one.

Next, sketch the design for your prayer rug.  We decided that we'd make one each year for a daily time of prayer.  We started with Fajr. To coincide with the time of prayer, we chose to make a dawning sun and put the word on to reinforce spelling.

After sketching we looked through scrap material and found all we needed.  I used straight pins to hold in place which allows you to move things around when needed.

Then I decided to sew it all down on the sewing machine.  This took longer than the cutting but I felt it was worth it.  The thread will show on the reverse side, but that was not a big deal for me.  I wanted the finished product to be soft and usable so I refrained from gluing which often turns hard.

That is all!

Notes: My 5 year old was in on the discussion but this project was too advanced for her to really participate.  It was something completed by my husband and I.   I would recommend this for 4th grade and above so they can design and cut themselves.

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Lakisa said...

How cute! What a wonderful project. Maybe I missed it, but are you going to do the other prayers too?

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Sis. Lakisa!
Response: I'd like to do the others but maybe add one each year. Right now, she's too young to participate in the sewing. But with older children, I'd make it a year long project to complete all five.

NoahScraps said...

MSA, this is so cute.
May Allah make her among Saleheen ISA