Thursday, October 1, 2009

The cold has arrived....

We don't get sick much around here.  We homeschool and we work from home so our exposure to people is so limited we don't get the communicable diseases much.

Well, me and babygirl have been catching the city bus all the way over to homeschool coop so that is triple the germs and thus....the cough!  Babygirl is coughing and the bottom of my throat is burning.

Today was co-op day and they cancelled due to so many illnesses.  Great call! I promise to do a post about our local co-ops, but first the sickness post.

When anyone is sick: I buy liquid Lysol and get to wiping.  Door knobs, doors, toilet handles and seats, water faucets, tables and kitchen counters. Anything that can take it. Then I come back with the spray Lysol.  This is done twice per day. (either morning or evening and then one naptime run through). Plenty of liquid soap for hand washing and lots of laundry.  We wash bed clothes and linens daily during illnesses and I do a bit of a quarantine.  I try to confine the person to one floor of the house.  Our bedrooms, TV room and two baths are upstairs plus we have a laptop so confinement is pretty easy.
Also, when illness is over new toothbrushes!

When momma is sick: The same applies but our menu goes to simple mode.  Last night I ordered take out since I was just feeling it. Today I can get up and get two soups going and go buy juice and things for sandwiches.  My kitchen shuts down when I'm sick.  I don't want to spread anything while I'm cooking or serving and I don't need the extra dishes and work.  I can handle loading and unloading the dishwasher.

I always look around for home remedies for illness so those vary by symptom.  But we do keep apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, lemon, garlic, honey, molassas, distilled water and cayenne pepper around which in some combination, make up most home remedies.

Also, here's some professional advice....I don't advocate vaccines (even flu ones) but her other advice about rest and general health are good to me.

What's your sick routine?


Lakisa said...

Praying you all feel better. I hate being sick!

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

APDTA We are feeling great. My chicken and rice soup should be sold in pharmacies, it heals what ails ya! Thanks for the comment!