Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadan activities and lessons for children

I wanted to do activities that were fun for Ramadan. I also wanted each activity to cover several content areas so that we could minimize "school time" since we have so much Qur'an reading to accomplish.

I am not creative but I am really picky LOL. I found this list and scrubbed it down to about 2 possible activities and the rest I had to search for or make up. What I found online was pretty redundant and I will be really working to expand these each year. I usually get my best ideas as we are working so I'll write them down and see if I can turn them into complete lessons.
Here is what we are working on and will post pics and lesson plan (including content areas) of each activity.

Lesson #1 - The Five Pillars of Islam - create pillars made of construction paper
Lesson #2 - Fasting and Shahada - coloring activities
Lesson #3 - Prayer - homemade prayer rug
Lesson #4 - Prayer continued
Lesson #5 - Hajj - Kabah craft
Lesson #6 - Charity - jar decoration
Lesson #7 - Charity - clothing donation

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