Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My six crazy quirks (I think that's redundant)

I was tagged by Itiel McVay, aka The Smell Good Lady. She has tagged me for this 6 Quirks Meme. She tagged me about a month ago. But it was my holiday season, so give me a break :o)

Link the person who tagged you.
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Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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First of all, I don't have 6 people to tag but I'll come up with somebody.

Next, I had to get a definition of “quirk”. It is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “a peculiarity: idiosyncrasy”.

Six of them…

1. I must set the table to eat. Even for breakfast I use a placemat. We set the table fully each night for dinner. Even if I have take out, like fried chicken, I put it on a platter and put the coleslaw in a serving dish. I even own a soup tureen. I didn’t think this was a quirk but EVERY person who comes over for dinner comments on it.

2. I can eat off of the plates and use the utensils in a restaurant, which are used by a ga-jillion people, but I don’t buy used plates or silverware from garage sales or thrift stores or accept dishes from well meaning people. It creeps me out. (Side story: People give me egg plates. I have three and they all were given to me when someone’s mother or aunt died. I’m the only person they think would use them, but I haven’t. They are just in my china cabinet looking pretty because they’re icky!)

3. If I scratch my head or under my arm I sniff my fingers. ROFL!

4. I can’t eat around people with physical deformities. I remember when I was about 4 or 5 there was a retarded boy at a table next to us and I cried so bad my mother had to take me out. But otherwise, I can talk to them and be around them. Something about eating near them.

5. I cry whenever I take family to the airport. When they leave in a car, I’m cool. When I fly out, I’m cool. But when they walk through security and give me the wave, it’s a wrap. I’m tearing up!

6. I have a jewelry rule. No more than one ring per hand. No more than one bracelet or watch per wrist. No gold and silver mixing (except my wedding ring which compliments both). And gold goes with wood jewelry and earth tones. White and light gray and pastels you wear silver. Pearls require wearing gloves (yes I still wear satin gloves on occasion).

I think I'll tag Brother Omi, and the great mommy at Me and My Three. I remember Don doing one of these a few months ago so I'll quit there. Remember to be "unspectacular" in your post!


Don said...

i feel you on the jewelry rule. for me its one chain and ring, period. excess kills it.

i cried once @ the airport - when i left the army and headed home. i cried like a baby. miss those peeps til this day. so fun.

lmao @ finger snif

i have never set a table. LOL. but that shows you have class.

Brother OMi said...

something told me DON'T read her blog. you got me... i will post it tonight

clnmike said...

I am bif on number two, I dont know why? You can add on that when I eat going out I use a staw to drink from the cups instead of putting my mouth on it. Like there is a difference when I use a utensil at the same spot.

I dont mind a lot of jewelry on women it looks sexy.

Smell Goods Lady said...

ROFL! #3, I do the same thing!!!

With you on the jewelry. Love the gloves, so womanly.

Thanks for playing.

Sister P said...

@Don-I think I'm paranoid about smells since I've gone all green and natural. I'll do a post about my non-aluminum deodorant one day.

@Omi-Thanks for playing. You guys got to read about his Omi's "spanking" obsession!

@Clnmike-Good to see you again! I used to rock the jewelry pretty hard when I had cheap stuff. Now that my husband upgraded me, I try to spread it out :o)

@SG Lady- Thanks for tagging me, it was fun!