Monday, May 19, 2008


I am just in love with my daughter right now.
She is finally becoming a Mommy's girl and I love it. For a while, I was third in her life behind her Dad and Daddy (she loves him so much you can count him twice). But now, she's my new running buddy and I just love it.

Of course I've loved her since I prayed for her to be, but today I feel like I'm falling for her all over again!

The first photo is about 3 months old. The next one she's 3 years old.


Don said...

you and your daughter favors. i know what you mean @ new running buddy. man i miss my daughters so much. no coincidence today is youngest (nine years old) birthday.

enjoy this read. so ironic. thanks for sharing.

clnmike said...

She is to cute.

Brother OMi said...

it is so hard to be mad at my daughter. so hard.

Lakisa Muhammad said...

Girls are so much fun. Just think about the spa nights, doing each other's nails and hair. What fun! She looks so sweet.

Sister P said...

@Don- I really don't know how you do it, being separated from your children. I was without her for a month and thought my heart was breaking, literally!
God bless, hope you can live next door to each other one day. (That's my promise to my husband if we part ways).
@Mike-Thanks, I think she's looking more like her dad.
@Omi-This one has her daddy in a head lock!
@Lakisa- When I had a daughter so many women said, "Oooh, you are so lucky!" I was glad to meet women who knew it was a blessing. I know some sisters who don't want girls, for fear that they won't "get along". What's that about?

is that so? said...

your daughter is a cutie.

Don said...

you definitely feel my pain. that you do. i have no choice but to do it now. the first couple of months sent me into a deep depression. i must have gone from 240 to 180something pounds.

funny how you understand what my own family doesn't.

Smell Goods Lady said...

So sweet. She and my 7 year old can hang, she has fancy cowgirl hats (and boots) too!

I know what you mean about that "in love". Nothing like it. My daughters love mommy, but they adore daddy. To be honest, I would not have it any other way.

Eb the Celeb said...

Cute pics!