Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The life of a media mogul...or something like it....

I'm going to be scarce. This is a press week so I have deadlines and we are in negotiation to move my radio program and finally do some real advertising. These are the times that I really feel like I'm in business.

Most days I just feel like a normal stay at home wife and mother except for the fact that people are calling asking where their paycheck is and people are calling and asking me for assignments and people are calling me asking me to do a story on their prize winning poodle, LOL, and I'm looking at group insurance plans and, and, and,...I think I need Kimora's staff and I'd be the BOMB! A cook, a house keeper, a stylist...WHAT!?

I went to my first yoga class yesterday and I wasn't too embarrassed. If you've never done yoga but want to try it, go into it with respect for the amount of concentration and strength it takes. That downward facing dog is damn hard at my weight! But the stretching and relaxation techniques are right on time for my overworked nerves.

I'm good but may not be posting for a bit. But I'll stop in to check on my crew!

And SG Lady, I'm going to do the 6 Quirks as soon as I slow down (it was hard to come up with 6!)


Smell Goods Lady said...

I know it is hard. My 8 year old Warrior Princess helped me with some of mine. Who better to ask than the ones who spend time with you. :O)

Don said...

I think I need Kimora's staff and I'd be the BOMB! A cook, a house keeper, a stylist...WHAT!? LOL. I feel you. I'm hearing so many women speak about Yoga. If it relaxes your nerves then it has to be more than worth it. Enjoy.

Good deal with press week. Of course you already know that blogging will be here. It's not every day a person gets the oppurtunity to pen a story about a prize-winning poodle. LOL.

Don said...

Happy Mothers Day. Enjoy, and be blessed.

Sister P said...

Thanks for thinking of me Don!