Sunday, April 21, 2013

Product Review: Samsung Smart Wi-Fi Blu Ray Player

Model: BD-EM57C
Purchased: Sam's Club
Cost: $90 (approx.)
When: April 2012

Description: Blu-Ray player that is Wi-Fi capable with pre-loaded apps.

Review: I have been enjoying this product since day one! I am not a movie fan, nor a big tv watcher. However, there are some shows that I like to watch when I have some down time. Sitting in front of my laptop is not convenient or even possible as I'm cooking or cleaning (which is the only ''free'' time I use for tv).

So, this player has been the solution! I can access my HULU and Netflix streaming accounts via the apps on the blu-ray and have them play on the big tv in my house without connecting the laptop to the tv via an HDMI cable.

Also, I can use the YouTube app to watch Min. Farrrakhan's weekly series ''The Time And What Must Be Done'' on my tv.

If it weren't for this player, my tv would go nearly unused.

Did I mention we can listen to Pandora on the tv too?

I only have about 3-4 hours of tv shows that I watch any week, and the ones that I do watch are watched online when convenient.

My family might watch 3 DVD in any month, so most of our use of this player is to stream online content.

I would give it 4 of 5 stars. Initially, it took us about a month to get signed in to all of our accounts and get the settings correct. I felt like we were in the beta test because there was always an update that needed to be done when we turned it on. But once the kinks worked out, it has been a pleasure to own this and we get so much more from our internet and tv as a result.


Don said...

I know what you mean! Lol. Around Christmas, we purchased a DVD player to replace the old player in the living room and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful it is.

I personally get the most excitement out of the fact that I can watch past sporting events on YouTube and it plays on TV monitor. Awesome.

Sister P said...

I love living in this time. Technology....nice :o)