Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Things First

Today, as Babygirl was unloading the dishwasher she asked, ''When will I be able to wash dishes?''

I answered, ''When you have learned to wash your body without reminders.''

Judging when it's time for chores is something that really varies per child.

I read blogs and homeschool discussion groups and many posts are related to frustrated mothers who are tired of picking up after children (and husbands) and wanting some help.

Here's what I've done so far with my 8 year old related to responsibility:

1. She has had to clean her room since she was about 3. My job is to make sure the room is organized so that everything has a place. She knows where everything goes and it's her job to put it all back. Even at 8 I have to spend time with her in her room during the week checking under her bed and in the back of the closet for dirty (and sometimes clean) clothes and other stashed items. But making her do it is a habit we're building. She definitely should make her bed each day.

2. She must take her dirty clothes to the basement and carry up her clean folded clothes and put them. This is a pre-requisite for washing and folding laundry.

3. She has been setting the dinner table since about age 6. We eat together as a family and she has to set place mats, plates, silverware, napkins and glasses on the table.

4. Unloading the dishwasher is a new task and is appropriate for her because she is already 5 feet tall. She needs a stool and there are a few items that she is not allowed to reach for but she does 95% of this job.

5. Bathing herself has been since about age 7. This is like cleaning her room. She still needs lots of reminders to get it done right and in a timely fashion. I still yell over curtain asking if she got a certain body part and often have to send her back for deodorant but again, we're building.

Our newest ''thing'' is retiring upstairs at 8pm each night. On a good day, we start about 7:40 and we clean up after ourselves starting in my office (basement) and then on the main floor (living and dining room) and then get upstairs for nightly hygiene and personal time. She likes to read or watch an episode of The Cosby Show on Hulu Plus. It has allowed her to get in bed by 9 without whining or complaint.

What are your child(ren's) age(s) and chores?


oxox Mirah said...

Salaamz sis Great Post! I have an almost 11/yo and an almost 7/yo and they are amazing helpers! I'm glad you touched on the reminders lol because for me remembering to remind them and check behind them is a chore in itself lol. I find that if I forget I usually end up in ' Didn't I tell you...' mode lol and thats not pretty at all. So to make it easier on myself and better for them I have to remember to do that. I am glad that I am not the only one going through the struggle lol. Keep up the great work in training. May Allah continue to bless you & your family with peace, strength & guidance.

Sister P said...

Wa-Alaikum Salaam Sis! Thanks for coming by and commenting. Inshallah we'll continue striving with these children, they are worth it!
May Allah continue to bless your family also!