Friday, July 20, 2012

Trader Joe's, eh, sorta cute

Big City Wanna Be, Kentucky just got a shiny new toy, Trader Joe's.

How can I describe this place? It's Kosher heaven, basically. Kosher meats, kosher breads, kosher pizza crusts, kosher crescent rolls. It has prepared foods that we normally can't buy because of fear of pork by-products.

My husband describes it as the healthy junk-food store. They have all kinds of treats that are organic, healthy or Kosher too. Like, chocolate covered pretzels, pork free chicken sausage, etc.

They don't have a butcher in house and the store is tiny.

So, after walking through there 3 times really slowly and deliberately, I think we could find a few things there for the monthly shopping list. But it's definitely not a regular destination.

My favorite find so far?

Since my child has never had peanut butter, I thought this would be a fun treat. We've tried it on graham crackers and she likes it. It's expensive, and needs to stay refrigerated but it's a cool occasional item. 

So I'd give it a "thumbs up'' for variety and selection of permissible foods for Muslim's. I'd give the produce section a "thumbs down'' and the meat section only gets a ''thumbs up'' because of the Kosher brand of meat. 

Now, what I'm really waiting on is Costco! I was sad to leave my Costco behind when we left Chicago.


Smell Goods Lady said...

Have fun! One of our favorite spots to shop too, and like your fam we appreciate the Kosher goodies. TJ's was the only place we could find Kosher marshmellows. They no longer sell them (at our location).

Aminah Hanan said...

I'm a fan of Trader Joes and shop there at least twice a month. The produce section here is decent, it's not Whole Foods quality, but it also doesn't have their price tag either. They also have these delicious kosher organic taco shells that I use for avocado tacos - delicious.

Sister P said...

SGL- We found Kosher marshmallows at Whole Foods for about $5 per bag *smh* It was one of those things my daughter longed for but when she tasted them she couldn't figure out why they were so popular. She didn't like them LOL I think I'm going to try smóres or Rice Krispy-like treats next time. We just ate them 'raw'.

Aminah- I did find some whole wheat Kosher tortilla shells at TJ's that were really tasty and not wheaty. I used them to make breakfast burritos for suhoor this morning.

Thanks for the comments!

Aminah said...

Yes s'mores! My nephews love to make them over the little open pit that we have. I'm not sure if it's the taste they like or just holding skewers over an open flame ;)