Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Farrakhan by request....

Don, who is my loyal blog buddy recently watched this video and recommended it.

Of course I've seen it but I wanted to share it. I strive to watch and listen to each of of Min. Farrakhan's lectures.

I relate to this lecture a lot. The Minister's description of how the woman's feelings toward men changed when she saw her man tortured by the slavemaster struck a chord with me. The woman described, lost hope in Black men as protectors.  That happened to me in a previous relationship, to a lesser degree.

The guy that was interested in me worked at McDonald's and was the only Black guy there and allowed the people to call him "Homey''. He even had it on his name tag. From there I began to lose respect and faith in him as a provider and protector.

I didn't call him a ''punk'' but I began to treat him as if he didn't matter and as if I needed to be the one in charge.

Obviously, that one didn't work out.  

The point I took from this was that we don't always realize how we are conditioned to react in certain ways that have little to do with the person or the situation at hand. At the time I was considering that relationship, it was not clear to me what my future held. But I knew for sure that I needed a strong man with me who would protect and defend me. I wasn't smart enough to leave right away, this courtship led to a marriage that failed.

Only after accepting Islam and studying about our history here in America did I understand why that union failed. In part, because he wasn't leading me anywhere that I desired to go and he was not equipped to protect me there. But he may have not known how because of the fear instilled in him by his parents, who thought they were protecting him by doing so. Little did they know, they made him unfit to head a family.

I stand with Farrakhan because the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad can make MEN and WOMEN. Strong, brave, men and women who fear none but Allah. (swt)

Islam dignifies.

Tell me what you got from this snippet!  Great pick Don!


Aminah Hanan said...

Thank you for sharing this Sister. A reminder is truly a blessing.

Sister P said...

Shukran for reading. As-Salaam Alaikum!