Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mega food shopping

My name is Sister P and I am a bulk shopping fanatic.

Costco, Sam’s Club…I love them. Now that I cook from scratch, it really requires well stocked cupboards. Having plenty of dry spices and root spices like garlic, onions and ginger allow me to switch up a menu on a moment’s notice. Four pound bags of tilapia and 3 lb bags of salmon keep me from running back and forth to the market. Flour, baking powder and butter are a must and buying a 7 ½ dozen box of eggs makes it easy for me to prepare lots of non-meat dishes each month like quiche, casseroles, stuffed eggs, egg burritos….I guess you can tell I love food.

Plus, with us growing so much of our own produce it keeps me out of Kro-ger and Wally World so much.

Now I can take my bulk shopping to a WHOLE new level. The Nation of Islam’s Ministry of Agriculture has a staple goods program. It's not just for Muslims. Anyone can locate their local representative on the website and ask about the next order. (Disclaimer: The program is in its infancy and often has delays, so if you're not patient this may not be the thing for you :o)

We just got in our shipment. This round we bought:
50 lbs Wheat Flour (fresh from Muhammad’s Farm)
50 lbs Navy Beans
50 lbs Red Lentils
2 – 25 lb bags of Brown Rice
6 – 3lb jugs of Honey

Last shipment we bought toilet paper from Black owned Freedom Paper Company and raw sugar too.
Storage is pretty tough so I have to get really creative, but that can be another post on recycling containers that can be used for storage. Here is a link too:

If you’re big shopper like me, people tend to try to use you as the “corner store’’ and ask if you have some extra’s for sale. I try to not be niggardly about it but I have to keep my house stocked for disaster preparedness and daily consumption. So my first priority is always my family’s comfort. So most times I try to be a sister and share but it always comes with a speech from Sister P ;o)

Are you a bulk shopper?

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Aminah said...

Contacted my local rep & looking forward to getting my order before August canning, Insh'Allah.