Monday, July 30, 2012

Call before you dig

I finally got the blueberry bushes that I wanted. I found them at K-Mart for $5 each a few weeks ago. (Regularly $13)

I wanted to plant late in the season since I knew they wouldn't bloom until next year anyway. That way I could save on water too.

Before planting I called 8-1-1 to make sure it was safe to dig. I found out that our lines are buried only 8-10 inches below ground.

I wish I had pictures from when my husband tore up all the phone and cable tv lines when he tried to Rototil the area 2 years ago. This is why we ended up with raised beds LOL

When you call the line, they send a notice to the gas, water, electricity, cable and phone companies.

Immediately I got a robo-call from gas and water saying it was safe to dig. It took two days for a man to come with survey equipment and mark the electric and phone lines behind the house and as you can see it was VERY close to where I was planting. I could have easily dug into a live line.

Remember to call before you dig!

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