Friday, May 18, 2012

Urban Farming Friday - The Strawberry Patch

A delicious treat this year has been our strawberries.


I bought two plants last season but we only saw one strawberry. I thought that our pesky chipmunks were eating them. (chipmunk reference in the comments)

Throughout the year the plants grew and spread but never produced fruit.


This year we began seeing flowers and small buds in April. By May we were picking berries and they are sweet and delicious! We're picking about a pound every 2-3 days and so far we've had 4 pulls.


Fruit plants don't produce the first year. I learned that we must watch how much the plants spread because over crowding can stunt fruit production.

This is a labor intensive crop. Lots of bending and stooping because each fruit must be inspected for ripeness and damage.


This is a crop I'll keep and I'm going to look for 2 blueberry bushes at the end of season sales and plant them for next year.

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