Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Garden Season is About Over

Our 2011 garden season was by far the best to date.

  What we did good: Hanging tomatoes did pretty well. We spaced our zucchini and yellow squash well. Our basil was off the charts! We got our first edible corn.
  Room for improvement: Our roma tomatoes were planted way too close together. We should follow the directions better. We didn't know how HUGE tomato plants get and our cucumbers were crushed by hanging sweeties. We need to find a faster more effective treatment for fungus and beetles, which decimated our zucchini plants after only 2-3 fruits each. We must do weeding MUCH more and water religiously.

 Overall, I'd give us a solid B for this years project. Here are some pictures. Keep in mind that I live in a townhouse. This was done using the common area behind my unit. There are two other units connected to mine but no one uses their space for relaxation or anything useful so we used ours for gardening. I also have a fairly large elevated deck which is where we hung the tomato buckets on the brick wall.


From Rylin's Heart said...

The Veggis look great. Vibrant colors and I bet they were delicious. Thank you for sharing!

Don said...

Looks much better than what Kroger's sells. Lol.

Very nice, what would've been different with more space?

Sister P said...

@FRH- Thanks!
@Don- I would have like to do fruit but I don't have space for vines. The watermelon didn't produce and chipmunks ate my strawberries each morning :o( I need protected space :o)

Don said...

Oh @ vines.

Chipmunks had their sights set on your strawberries. I honestly had no idea chipmunks ate fruit.