Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy Monday

I technically don't have a weekend. I have a Saturday class at the Mosque that consumes most of my day (enjoyably) and I have my radio show and Mosque meeting on Sunday.

So Monday, I usually get my house back in order; put school work on auto pilot (lots of drill work: spelling, multiplication) and then find some time for myself.

What is my current guilty pleasure you ask? Serial TV Shows!

I watch online and on Netflix when I'm able but here's what I'm into:

Mad Men  has to be taken for what it is. It's not politically correct, in fact it sort of laughs at itself. But it's well written with well developed characters and I love it!

The Game is so awesomely hilarious! Jason and Tasha are the best comic characters on TV bar none! Bravo BET for this original program.

Scandal is thoroughly addictive. At first, the fast talking was too fast but the story line caught me and the talking has seemed to normalize a bit. Another great show from Shonda Rhimes the Black woman who created Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Happy Monday!

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