Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm not investing more than you

"I'm not investing more than you." - That has become my mantra.

I'm watching a lot of situations go down in other peoples lives that really have to do with over-investment of time, resources and emotion.

Without getting into folks business I'll share a few altered examples:

Workers do WORK

A friend mentioned that they'd like to start a new business with someone who shares a similar passion for sewing. Friend A has owned and operated a business and has a business degree and is self employed. Friend B has held 10 jobs in the 10 years they've been friends and answers calls only when she feels like it or needs something.

Just because they share a passion doesn't mean they have a shared work ethic and will do well together in business.

Me? I'd leave them alone and keep looking.

I won't cosign for credit or favors

I hate it when people ask you to use your connections and relationships to get them into a job, camp, program, school, etc BEFORE THEY EVEN TRY ON THIER OWN!

Once a person asked me to call one of my professional contacts to see if they had an inside line in on the hiring for a particular position. I called, my contact asked for the friends name and I gave it. Two days later the business contact calls back saying they can't find the application.

I call my person back and they HAVEN'T EVEN APPLIED YET! Ugh!

Life and time are too precious and short for me to waste on other peoples ideas and hopes that they won't work for themselves.


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