Friday, May 25, 2012

How's She Doing? Fine Ma'am!

As the traditional school year comes to a close, I am having the usual questions of whether I am up to par as a teacher. My daughter is struggling with her multiplication, but I realize that we are working on it a bit early since she is only in 2nd grade. So I'm re-evaluating our summer school math and reading plans. Based on the Common Core Standards, we're doing well so I think I'm going to go a little easier than planned on her this summer :o) She has 5 weeks of day camp that have her busy from 7-6 each day. Three separate camps for Tennis, swimming, dance, etc. Each night we'll continue math on and we'll continue reading with the awesome Hooked on Phonics relic that one of the grandparents found at a yard sale! I'm very pleased with her grasp of our Muslim diet and what she should wear. She's excited to be in line with the teachings. Socially, she's a confident butterfly and I'm proud of that. We'll continue our NSBE Jr. meetings throughout the summer and she should be set for our August 1- mid-September break before beginning 3rd grade. I'm ready for the Grade 3 challenge and I'm still confident that homeschooling is the best choice for my Muslim daughter at this stage.

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