Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lessons From The Lessons That I Can Actually Share :o)

What I'll say to you both @Awa and @Don, who commented on my last post is this:

My personal growth is not so much about the actual material that I am studying. It's more about the process. It's the fact that I'm devoting time to intense study. Intense study is when you stop at EVERY WORD that you can not define with your own words and look up the definition and then write it down so that it can become embedded in your memory.

It's the discipline. I'm awaking earlier just to complete the work. I'm exercising first thing in the morning so I'll have proper blood flow to my brain and organs for the day. I'm going to bed earlier so I can get up. I'm eating earlier so I can go to bed earlier. I'm planning my meals in advance so I can cook more efficiently. Get the cycle?

My new study techniques have allowed me to alter my daughters homeschool lessons in a way that she is retaining information much faster. And also I'm learning to integrate reading into to every subject. All because I'm studying something myself.

This can be done with any Bible study course, Rich Dad Poor Dad money course or anything you'd like to learn to understand COMPLETELY.

We can only share what we know for sure. And I desire to know for sure that what I do in my daily life is the best for me and my family.

Thanks again for reading these words!

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