Saturday, October 23, 2010

The lesson in THE LESSONS

I've been really studying my "lessons". If you didn't know, many Muslims study and learn from a book affectionately called "the lessons". Many rappers rap about them and make sayings from the facts found there. The saying "word is bond" comes from this book of lessons too.

This recent dedication to intense study has allowed me to reach a great place that I never knew existed within me. I have developed the desire and ability to pay attention to detail and work in a much more detailed and precise manner.

My cleaning, cooking, sewing, instruction and business affairs all look as if completed by someone other than me.

I'm looking at my outfits, shoes, home decor and hair with new eyes.

Just getting it done is no longer enough. I want to do it all in the correct manner.

It's actually less work to do things properly the first time. Who knew?


Awa Chery said...

Where can I find this book and who is the author pls.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

@Awa- Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, the book is for Registered Muslims in the Nation of Islam only. I do know of others with copies but I don't know where they obtained thiers from.

Don said...

Awa Chery read my mind. I was about to ask the same thing after I read "has allowed me to reach a great place that I never knew existed within me."

The Lessons sounds like a tremendous read.

Don said...

Also, I had no idea that you were on Twitter. I'm now following.