Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Hot Wednesday - Blogging

I think blogging is an incredible outlet. More people should try it, even though millions already do!

So I was at the Blogging While Brown Conference in D.C. and was so impressed by all of the technology, intelligence and camaraderie among the nearly 200 Black people in the room.

Even though you are here reading, you might not know what a blog is.

Over the years (four now) I have developed my own definition:

A blog is an online journal of sorts. Comprised of a combination of personal thoughts, opinions and facts. A blog can be personal in nature, professional or a combination. To make a blog "official" it must be public, otherwise its a personal diary or a journal.

(My blog is public but I have disabled some options so that my posts don't show up on Google and other search engines.)

In the picture above is brand spanking new blogger ProfessHer. She attended the bloggers bootcamp at the conference and left with a blog up and running!

Let me share with you some blogs. I don't follow all of them but they display the wide variety of topics out there.

Patrice at Afrobella - Got to love a sister named Patrice :o) It hasn't been long since companies realized that Black women are into beauty products. This sister proves that natural hair and beauty are not oxymorons.

Lakisa at Dirty Face Angels Academy - A Black homeschooler who takes the time to document? What?! Here's some dedication for you and some information you can use.

Don at Minus The Bars - Here's a blog that is smart and sexy. Don gets into the sisters heads and gets the brothers to co-sign. It's about real man thoughts.

The Team at PostBourgie - Here is another smart blog. What makes this one stand out is that it is a collaboration of 3 thoughtful friends. They take on pop culture and politics.

I am really excited about how blogging and other "new media" are going to change the way we are viewed and the way we communicate in the next couple years.


Lakisa said...

Thanks for the love, Sis. I didn't know I was such a rarity! LOL. I going to see if I can check out that conference next year.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

We're coming your way Sis. Lakisa. The conference is in LA!!!

Lakisa said...


ProfessHer! said...

Oh, WOW! Thanks so much for noting my participation (and newbie status). The conference was SO impressive; I'm thrilled to have attended AND shared a table and conversation with you, Kindness. I've fallen off (so soon, LOL!); however, your recent communication reminds me to get back on my stallion and RIDE! Mahalo, Namaste, and Ashe.

Briana said...

Blogging is definitely growing in the black community. Not only blogging but media and journalism in general. Online magazines like Urban Belle Magazine (, an online magazine for women of color, is making it easier for people to obtain information. I love how many people attended the event. Wish I was there!