Monday, July 19, 2010

Sort of Green Monday - Vegetarian Bread at Kroger

Happy Monday!

So I decided to stretch the legal limits of "Green Monday" today.

My entry is around bread.  Where is the meat free bread?  In my opinion, anyone who tries not to eat pork or pork by products is challenged most by BREAD and CANDY.

Both often have deceptive labeling and rarely have symbols.  So my recent hunt for Kosher (pork free) hot dog size buns lead me to this discovery.

My bread brand of choice is Brownberry/Arnold and in my area there are hoagie rolls but not hotdog size buns.  (You can do a zip code search to find products in your area.  There are not hot dog buns within 20 mi. !!)

However, I did see a new labeling system on Kroger bread. It said, "vegetarian".  So I went online only to find NOTHING about whether they are indeed meat (including pork) free.

So I emailed and got this response:

Dear Sister P:
Thank you for contacting Kroger. I am sorry that you are having trouble finding Kosher buns. Products that are labeled vegetarian contain no animal derived ingredients except eggs, milk or both. Vegan products would contain no animal derived ingredients. All of our bread products are vegetarian.
Thank you again for taking the time to write to us. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us again.
Jennifer Diggs, Consumer Affairs
Reference: 9154874

So, no animal derived ingredients.

*The above information is provided for informational purposes only and not intended to substitute the advise of your religious leader* 
(chuckling as I type but that was necessary for some)


Lakisa said...

Thanks for sharing. Now I just have to find out what name Kroger operates under here in Phx.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

Sister Lakisa,

In Las Vegas, Kroger = Smith's.

But here is a link with a list of all affiliated markets: