Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Muhammad Farm - Patio Version *photo heavy*

Here's the last of our seedlings. If they don't get into the planter soon, we'll miss our chance! Those are watermelon seeds on the right. *fingers crossed*Here's the start of some more tomatoes, green peppers and hot peppers.

Here are our cucumbers. See the trellis we made with some twigs we gleaned from our neighbors curb?
We are growing potatoes in coffee sacks. Here they are up close before the back fill. You can google this technique, but what we did was take a red potato that began to grow eyes and cut it up. We put the pieces in about 2" of soil and rolled the bag down. As it grows these stems, you keep adding dirt. Leaving out just a few leaves to catch the sun to feed the plant. By Thanksgiving we'll have a bag full of red potatoes! The bags are usually $1 each from the local coffee house. Sometimes they are free though.

Broccoli and tomatoes are going fine in my husband-made planter.
My handy husband built this for me on the porch. He made it tall so it would get full sunlight. Plus it is HANDY to have the garden waist high. My house is built in a hill so my backyard is on the basement level and is a shared space. We felt it was safer to garden in containers on the porch. We gleaned all the wood from dumpsters of local carpentry trade schools. If you do this, you need a REALLY long truck. You never know how big the wood will be that you find.This has been a GREAT science lesson for BabyGirl. We are focusing on the method of planting etc. We'll get into the area of predicted outcomes as well. Harvest time will turn into cooking lessons.

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Don said...

I remember back when my sister and I would plant watermelon seeds and always race to see whose seed would sprout first. I imagined melons could and should grow but they never did. Reading your blog and staring at the pics lead me to believe we were doing something wrong.

Homegrown tomatoes are the business. My grandmother in the South grew her own tomatoes, and green peppers and hot peppers, as well.