Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am almost back....

If you haven't been around long you may need the following disclaimer.  I am a blogger, just not on this site LOL  I have a real job plus a real blog that I maintain on issues related to local mass transportation.

What this site is is a repository of my memories so that when I do my freelance writing and speaking engagements I have a place that jogs my memory.  My speaking gigs to date are primarily at Universities and are on the topics of journalism and entrepreneurship.  I do a few free speaking gigs each year teaching people how to craft pre-event and post event press releases.  And when my daughter reaches high school, I think I'd like to begin speaking on family/work balance and homeschooling.  By then I should have it down to a science. Now, not so much LOL

But  I  wanted you to know that I still appreciate all of the followers and the lone commenter LOL

Just so you know that even when I'm absent from the blog you are still present in my heart!

Until I squeek some time in to catch up, here's some pics of my two favorite people.


Don said...

I lost the WiFi connection last night but I wanted to add...

Of course I am not your lone commenter and these pictures of your husband and daughter are priceless.

Email me some links of your articles. I would love to read.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

@Don-I'm still blogging over at