Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Monday PlusUpdates

To be "green" this week, I vowed to use public transit and walk during my big city vacation.  Mission Accomplished!

Here's my garden update:

Broccoli- One plant was decimated by caterpillars.  This one is about to grow a real head!
My cucumber plants are progressing nicely. Two are looking great and two look ok...
What have you done "green" today?


Lakisa said...

Very nice. I hope to break my losing streak with gardening one of these days. I love the new look for the blog too.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

I have a streak too Sis. Lakisa and its not looking good! I had one tomato on each plant and a squirrel got them both. I have one brocolli plant; two promising cucumber plants; and potatoes I won't see until October. But I must be $300 deep and have a ton of tiny seedlings that may not be strong enough to get in the ground LOL I need a post on the "ugly side" of starting a garden. Thanks for stopping through!