Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's hot Wednesday

I have a new endeavor. Yes, along with my bustling media empire (complete with non-current website ;o); homeschooling my daughter and sewing, I have another project.

Drumroll please:

This idea for a serial has been in my head for a while. My husband thought our newspaper could use one but I didn't want to do the writing for it since I do most of the news reporting. Then a high school friend of mine that I reconnected with in our Ning group offered to write a serial specific to my newspaper audience. I jumped at it and hope to hire him in January.

So this left me with this idea and no where to put it. A serial about public transit riders.

American's are the only ones who look at mass transit as "beneath" us. We've gotten so sick with it that now celebs are joining clubs to use private jets because they don't want to be seen with "the rest of us". How wasteful is that?

So I decided to get to writing. I haven't begun posting the serial yet. But should start this weekend scheduling them out.

So, check in on me over there. I have also added news tidbits about riding and riders, just for fun and feed my creativity. I just stated it Saturday and already it has a following way larger than this site LOL.

Hope to see you over there and PLEASE leave a comment and add it to your blogroll!

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Don said...

too funny @ celebs not wanting to be seen with the rest of us. How funny is that. Good luck on your lastest endeavor and I will be sure to check it out as well as add to my blog roll.

I see you're still doing your newspaper thing and writing to tell. Good deed.