Monday, November 23, 2009

Four day COUNTDOWN!!!

No, we don't "celebrate" what has come to be called Thanksgiving, but we do eat big and have guests on that day.

Mainly because it is a tradition.  And secondly, we have to acknowledge that this is a day that EVERYONE else is gathering and it can cause people to feel unloved if they are alone.

So we use this day as one to reach out to all of our friends and make sure that no one is alone this ONE DAY.  I can't do it everyday, but on Thanksgiving I try to invite everyone I can.

I started baking on Saturday. I bake in advance because I have one of those vacuum sealers and can freeze the items.  Some things freeze better than others so this is what I made in consideration of that:

I'm doing a much simpler menu this year. Last year, we went a little big.  I got it done, but did not feel like I got to enjoy myself.  This year, its a must that I am not cooking much on Thursday, because I have planned BIG fun projects for Babygirl!

This is not one of my cakes, but I WISH I was invited to dinner sometime and could just make on INCREDIBLE thing to take.  But, we're in Lexington and no one ever invites anyone over (except us).

Dessert Menu:
Carrot Pie w/fresh whipped cream
Pound Cake w/ice cream
Homemade cookies (usually oatmeal w/butterscotch and dates)
Pie and cake are done! Next up bean soup!

p.s. My camera has been in the shop since October! I surely hope it's back from Nikon before Thursday, otherwise no pics :o(

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Don said...

Hope you enjoyed your day. Homemade cookies are the bomb!