Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reading Fun Online -FREE

My mother had BabyGirl for a week and insisted that I not send all of her homeschool materials.  She said she'd take care of it.

Well, my brilliant 70 year old web savvy mother found a great site that my daughter loves!

It is Star Fall. I have only looked that the free things but they also have a store and curriculum.

This is good for children learning letters and sounds, beginning readers and more advanced.

Overall, a great site that is a fun addition to our resources.


Don said...

Sister P. good to see you still blogging and being the black american muslim woman you are.

certainly has been awhile hasn't it.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

OMG! I missed the return of The Don! I sure have missed reading your work.
It's been too long, love the new pic BTW!
See you 'round the way!

Don said...

Thanks, Deb. Kind words are always appreciated. It has been awhile hasn't it? LOL.