Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OK, I'm due to do some posting

So this is what I do.  The posts that I do on this blog take a lot of time. I usually have pics and a lot of information. But time, I'm really short on.

I do a lot of Twittering (@SisterP) so I put that cute little box over on the left so you can see that I'm alive even when I don't post.

Right now there's some problem with the feed so I guess I need to post.

Wow! I had the most amazing month.  Much learned, much accomplished, ready to move forward in the footsteps of Allah's messengers.  Eid celebration yet to be scheduled by my study group. (I know, I know....)

Need a recharge FOR REAL! Still working on that.  Got an award which I'll talk about.

We are unschooling right now, but not on purpose LOL!

Weeks behind due to some over commitment on my part.

Got a new serger. I have also completed some tasks and pants for babygirl.  Need to begin work on my fall clothes, luckily it's still hot here.

Other businesses:
Have great business idea but it hinges greatly on the work of someone I don't think I can rely on.  This may be an easy one to brush off of my plate.

Book series still in discussion stage.

Other projects:
My mom's 70th bornday celebration is coming fast and I have to come up with the presentation portion of the luncheon. Lots of research and calling about.

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