Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Expanding the Iftar Menu

I was struggling to come up with a menu because we were going to return to being vegetarians.
Well that's out the window so I'm having menu planning ease at this point! LOL
Here is my last menu which we are about midway through:
Baked tilapia
curried zucchini and squash
rice, salad, pineapple

Veggie pizza
cheese pizza
hearty salad
iced tea, oatmeal/date/sunflower seed/butterscotch cookies

Lentil soup
pita w/lettuce, feta, marinated cucumber, onions, tomatoes
Fruit, Chai Latte

Fried whiting sandwiches w/cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion garnish
Coleslaw, broasted potatoes
Fruit yogurt parfait

Nachos Supreme
Homemade apple Pie w/homemade vanilla ice cream

Steamed Cabbage and Carrots
Farina dressing, sauteed spinach
sliced eggs, onions and tomatoes

Oven Fried Fish
bean soup, sauteed spinach in garlic
sliced eggs, onions and tomatoes

Oven BBQ chicken
salad, corn on cob
carrot pie w/homemade whipped cream

salmon croquettes
rice, broccoli, garlic and butter brussel sprouts

Vegetable fried rice
egg rolls, orange slices
cream cheese and green onion wanton (like crab rangoon)
Iced tea

Spinach quiche
asparagus, bean soup w/muffin
broccoli and carrots

baked fish
brown sugar glazed carrots
steamed cabbage, rice
orange juice

I don't list dessert each night, because we eat whatever is left. We eat a date and drink water before each meal.

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