Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sewing...The updates

OK...I was going through this thing for a while about my weight, my hair, my clothes, my.....you name it.
So I started with me and Babygirls clothes.  I've been sewing like a sweat shop worker on the weekends that I can and have knocked out quite a few outfits this year. Here are just a few projects.
First...The DOLL (Simplicity 2729)! I finally finished the girl and the boy may not make it to life.  This project took a month of weekends to finish.  I am very pleased with it and know it's something Babygirl will have forever but I'll have to have a LOT of time before I try this again.  The details were crazy but make for a cute doll.  If you're asking, yes that is elastic and baby rick rack on the sleeve of the doll *sheesh*.

Clothes for Babygirl have been a breeze!  My sewing is really improving and she is such the perfect model.  She makes everything look good ;o)  I've made a few more pieces but here are a few.
White and yellow dress pattern: New Look 6309 View D; Pink outfit pattern: McCall's M5034 Views D/G with additional 4 inches added to top and pants;

Clothes for me have been more challenging.  I have yet to get my perfect fit.  Everything is a big too big in the neck and shoulders.  But I'll get it right next time,  I've got better measurements on myself and will really focus on those two areas.

Tie Dye Pattern: McCall's M5009 VIEW C; Flower top pattern: McCall's 5009 View B (pants made so long ago I con't know which pattern I used)

I've got more to sew and more to post so check back.


Aminah Hanan said...

What pattern did you use to make the green colored tunic? I like the fabric.

Lakisa said...

I am so proud of you! Your garments look wonderful and that doll is the bomb! The details, the details

I've seriously got to step up my sewing game. Thanks for the inspiration.

Girl of a thousand names, including Sister P said...

I updated this post with pattern numbers (finally). Thanks for commenting!