Monday, June 29, 2009


So I attended the 2 day teacher workshop and the result...I LOVE THIS CURRICULUM.

Briefly, Project WET, Project WILD and Project Aquatic WILD are eco-education curriculum for K-12. If you are into water conservation, preserving wildlife, gardening or the like you will love this.

My certificate says, "promote awareness, appreciation, knowledge and stewardship of the environment."
How it works: In the book are lesson plans for various age groups. Each lesson contains subject areas it can count toward like science, math, language arts, etc. and also offers extensions. Also included in each lesson is the evaluation portion which tells you how to see if your student mastered the concept.
We got all three books and a cd rom for Project WET that contained the student copy pages in English and Spanish which is useful if you are teaching it as a foriegn language to your child.The other subjects have copy pages in the book but they are not perforated so they can't be removed and are difficult to copy.
CON: These lessons, like all science, are better for groups. I am considering teaching these in the co-op so that BabyGirl will have class mates for this. My philosophy on science is that the fun of experimentation is seeing the varying results. If you don't have classmates for your child you have to make 3-4 samples of each experiment to see variance.
BEST PART: The fact that this book is k-12 so it will last your childs entire homeschool career.

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