Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Junior Master Gardner and my opinions....

There is this selfish/preservist philosphy regarding organized education.

Many manufacturers of teaching curriculum and teacher guides will only sell to school systems and not individual teachers and ESPECIALLY not to homeschoolers.  School systems make it that way.  They won't buy curriculum from companies that sell to the "public"....stupid to me. Why wouldn't you want a parent to have a book to help thier student at home.

As I find them I will pass on all information regarding curriculum, teacher guides, materials, etc. that sell to individuals.


OK...I'll admit it.  I had never heard of a "Master Gardener".  When I took a day long workshop on creating a school garden back in April, we learned that Master Gardeners have volunteer hours they must complete each year and can help you with your school or group garden.

THEN, we learned about program for youth called Junior Master Gardner where they can earn certifications in various aspects of gardening. The great thing is that is doesn't have to be taught by a Master Gardner and the teaching guides are available online along with the books for students through the Texas Cooperative Extension.

It looks like JMG is best for grades 3-8 based on what I've read so I can't make an endorsement because I won't look into this for a couple years.

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