Thursday, June 4, 2009

Educating the Educator

I am a firm believer that we must qualify ourselves for positions that await us and for tasks we choose to tackle.

Some people I know are "spooky" about being blessed with an opportunity. By spooky I mean they believe that if God blesses them with an idea, it's because they have all the knowledge necessary.  I disagree.  I have had many blessings that were a bit beyond my grasp and I had to get on my tippy toes or on a step stool to grab hold of them and run.

I said all that to say, I am always looking for courses to expand my knowledge of teaching since I am homeschooling my daughter.

I want our 2009-10 theme to be "Righteous Living"
We will focus all content areas around gardening, proper care of the environment, our bodies, our attire and minds.

I am looking forward to attending a 2 day teachers workshop on environmental learning. Project Wild is a FREE k-12 curriculum that is given with a 2 day workshop. My workshop costs just $25 and includes lunch and all books. I'll show you the loot afterward.

Just a reminder....teachers need classes too!

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clnmike said...

Learning never stops.