Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mall? What mall?

I needed to have a meeting with someone who is a bus rider so I thought, how about the mall?

When I scoured the lot for a space and finally made it indoors I thought, "When have I even been in here?"

The biggest mall in the region is within walking distance to my home. I pass it several times each week, but I haven't stepped inside since....I think it was when I last bought BG (BabyGirl) her school shoes in August of last year.

That is a major accomplishment by any standard! I have mostly bought fabric and a sweater or underwear somewhere, but buying ready to wear mass produced clothing has been OUT!

I did swing by Stride Rite on my way out to check the sandal options for BG and was pleasantly surprised at all the ones with straps to cover her toes. I was getting worried now that she is in a 13. I'm dreading that period where she has feet too big for child-looking shoes and is too young for that "tween" thing they have going.

I am officially "unhooked" on clothes shopping and when I get a serger...look out WORLD. I may make underwear too!

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