Monday, December 8, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

You have served me well.

I loved you from the first day I wore you. My husband's tie matched you perfectly and the black and white in BabyGirls skirt made us a hit, we looked so coordinated.

You helped me change from day to night easily because you were so low maintenance.
[me with autor and journalist Kim Osorio at dinner in Lexington]

When I want to blend in and not look so "muslim-y" you made me feel cool and hip.

[me and comedianne Adele Givens after her show in Lexington, where she lives now]
But now, you've shown up so much in photos I feel like you're stalking me.
You have to go away now.
Maybe ebay can find you a new friend to kick it with. I'll remember the good times old friend.


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clnmike said...


Thats the way I feel about my Yankee cap.