Saturday, December 6, 2008

The randomness of my thoughts....

I say all the time that my husband is one of the few Renaissance Men I know left among us.

And who would attract a Renaissance Man but a Renaissance Lady.

I don't always think of myself as that.

But I guess I am.

I take pride in cooking and baking from scratch. It's the whole scientific piece that I like. The right ingredients and temperatures to make baked goods come out right. The combinations of foods that can soothe a stomach, ease cold symptoms or even change a bad mood to good.

I love sewing. Following directions, the mathematics of alterations, creating items without patterns. Just love it.

I love being a business woman. The respect I get for it is a high. I love saying, "I own the local Black newspaper." I call the shots and I make a living and I'm doing something for community. My newspaper, radio program, website and business directories are all free. I feel good about what I do and how we do it.

I am honored to be my daughters teacher. To come up with lessons and see the moment of understanding is priceless and indescribable.

I often admire those who are my closest friends (including my husband). But today I realized, I'm pretty damn amazing myself.

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clnmike said...

Sounds like your a Renaissance woman to me.