Sunday, November 23, 2008

Modern Technology and Bolt the movie

I loved 3D movies growing up.

I remember it was a big deal when they were going to show "some movie" (don't even remember) in 3D and there were paper glasses with one red and one green lens that came in the Sunday paper for the event. You had to have a color TV so I went to my grandmother's house to see it because all of our sets were black and white.

I wanted BabyGirl to see a 3D movie but the only one that has come out recently was HM and you know how I feel about her ass (not poor exploited and unparented Miley but the character HM).

Well, I heard "Bolt" was coming in 3D so I took BabyGirl.

The minute she put on the glasses she reached her hand out and tried to touch the people because they were SOOOOOO big and clear and close! It was a priceless moment. She kept giggling and moving around it was too much fun! About midway through she started taking the glasses off and looking at everybody else with glasses.

Overall, I loved the concept of the movie. It's about a dog who doesn't know he's "movie" dog and when he get's off the set he has all kinds of mishaps attempting stunt-like behaviors. In the end he realizes he's happy just being himself, a regular dog. Of course all of this wasn't absorbed by a 4YO but it was something she enjoyed and so did I. PLUS, the animals could understand each other but to humans they sound like dogs, cats and hamsters.

Liked this one. Don't think we'd buy it for the collection but definitely not a waste of 2 hours!

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