Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I taken all I can stand...

...and I can't stand no more!

I just blogged about people who put others down for doin' themselves and here I go...I don't mind it when you do you, but don't make the kids do your nonsense too!

Let me explain...overall, I think Disney is the debil. Flat out.

Historically, I have problems with it because my family owned land in Florida that Disney World now rests its trillion dollar ass-sets on and we ain't rich from the buy out. (Can you say stolen wealth?) But I digressed.

Disney is the debil for the promotion of white only princesses and tales. Everything that was meant to be about "us" was turned into talking animals. You know the Lion King was 'bout a Black boy. All them Black voices...in Africa...please.

Disney is the debil for making Deborah's Cheetah Girls a multicultural mess and robbing her of her dough.

Disney is the debil for how they made Quincey on The Little Einstien's. The show would've been cool but why does the Black boy have to be chubby and a whiz on every single instrument?

Disney is the debil for making Cinderella starring (and exec. produced) by Whitney Houston and Brandy a TV, then straight to DVD movie instead of a big screen version.

But of course, this is my view. One that is also fairly popular on the Black Home School Yahoo! groups.

But for the life of me I don't get how we ALLOW our Black daughters (and even son's) to "idolize" this little Hanna Montana. Her acting and singing are average and I'm not even trippin' on that because so was Raven Symone's.

The ish that irks me is the t-shirts, the posters, the concerts, the movies, THE OBSESSION. We ABSOLUTELY can control that. I don't want my daughter to have posters up of anyone who doesn't look like her or a blood relative.

I know that is may be unpopular or even seem harsh to some here who have fallen in love with these here "United States", but I've been in this country my entire life and spend a lot of time talking to my elders about their upbringing and experiences. I pride myself in having Black friends from all over the planet. And as I talk to them I realize that I have adopted 'traditional' values. Ones that are normal for people who grew up 'right' in this place and other parts of the world.

Is the Hanna thing just fun? I don't think so. It's not for us!!! It's a cool thing for someone else, but not us.

I had posters on my wall from Right On! Magazine. Dwayne from What's Happening, Prince and The Fat Boys were on my walls in junior high. My white neighbors had white people on their walls. Everybody kept it real. We had the Jackson's, they had the Osmond's. They liked the Partridge Family and so did we, but they had the posters and we didn't.

I just couldn't take it when someone's son asked me if my TV got Hanna Montana. Then my good friends blog showed her niece and crew all Hannah'd out (at least I didn't do this on your blog girl, LOL) I had a moment and I'm back.

Hate me if you like...I've put it to rest now and won't reply to any posts. I'd love to hear your take, but my mind is made up on this one!


Don said...

You know I never really looked @ it like that. But now that you mention it, Disney does seem to have a hidden agenda. Thinking about all the "snow white" princesses and stuff hammers your post home.

Then, The Lion King definitely makes me think.

I have to admit feeling funny the times when I visited Disney World.

Good stuff.

African girl, American world said...

well damn...put me all of front street. I can't win for losing.

Yes disney is the debil but I'm glad that for all these shows our brown boys and girls have Raven and Cory with their own shows.

Sister P said...

@Don-When we know better we do better and I didn't pay much attention until I had a daughter who I'm tryna raise to be strong like her mama :>

@African Girl-I didn't out you LOLOL! But damn girl, first Hooter's, now HM...is Sista P gonna have to swoop up all the Zambian princes and princesses for detox?! LOL! p.s. I let baby girl see your photo on your blog and she said, "Awww, look at Bobby" LOL

Brother OMi said...

man disney has been the debil for years with their racist stereotypes from way back. look at Dumbo with those singing crows...

hannah montana is wack. i even got my daughter to say it.