Wednesday, November 19, 2008

     I saw an episode of "Brothers to Brutha" over the weekend. It's a show that's not worth linking to.But one guy really grabbed my attention. He looked so SAD. He had a  miserable, unhappy look. Not mad, not grumpy but sad.
     Then I caught the show tonight and it said, "In Memory of Shakir Stewart" so I went online to see who it was and it was the guy with the sad eyes.

He had died by the time I saw the first show.

I wonder if I knew that when I looked into his eyes.

Was he already "gone" when the show taped?

Did you know that Black males where the fastest growing group of suicide victims?

May Allah bless his family to heal and return to health and happy times.

Those left behind have a heavy day I'll share my stories.

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