Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A few days into Ramadan...


I'm feeling stronger each day. People often ask how difficult it is to not eat or drink from sun up to sun down each day (about 12-13 hours). The refrain from food is not the most difficult part for me.

For me:
It is taking the time to read the Holy Qu'ran (we read the entire book in 30 days, it is in 30 parts).

It is the not gossiping and slandering (which I shouldn't do anyway on any day).

It is trying to be energetic and pleasant though my mouth feels like it is full of cotton at times.

It is remembering to call on Allah when I am feeling weak in the mind and spirit.

I am feeling stronger and feel like this is my most successful Ramadan to date and it's not even a third finished. Please pray for our success as I will do for you.

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