Monday, September 8, 2008

I just got to work

OK, it's 3pm on Monday.

I was tired from the weekend but I got up on time. Had some water and a peach before sunrise. Off to a great start.

THEN... I went to the my front hall closet and the floor was wet. I had to clear the closet. Then I realized it was coming from my stopped up dishwasher......WHAAAAAAAAAH!

I had a bunch to do to get this taken care of between homeschooling.

Then I pulled myself together to make a 2pm meeting and the business owner I was meeting had a note on the door that said they were closed today.

I guess I'll get to it.

Ever have one of those days?


Don said...

I've had days where I just felt like going back to bed after being bombarded with mad problems. lol. The dishwasher was allowing water into the closet?


Del's Baby Girl said...

Today I found out that the soaky carpet in the closet was due to condensation from my central air unit. There is a pipe that runs under the closet to the front yard. Who knew? The clogged dishwasher drain had to be fixed through that vent next to the sink knob.

I'm sure that's TMI but it's over and I get the carpets cleaned on Thursday.