Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The big #4 and The big 200!

Today is BabyGirl's birthday and this is my 201st post.

It semms like blogging and BabyGirl just got here.

BG has been a constant friend and someone I admire already. She is growing with such love and confidence that she is fearless and so trusting.

My latest favorite picture is the two of us reading at the Roots and Heritage Festival on Saturday. She couldn't read this book but that didn't stop her from stealing the show by grabbing a mic and introducing us. She also thanked the audience and our friend who was videotaping her. She's a natural talker just like her momma!

I really see a trend to my blogging. It is here to help me clear my mind. When I'm stressed I blog a lot. When I'm relaxed, I barely check in.

I sincerely wish everyone a great day and hope that your life is as joy-filled as mine now that BabyGirl is here!

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