Monday, August 4, 2008 it cheating?

We all know the song...."I'm cheatin' on my girl" by Dwele.

If you don't know the song, it's about a guy whose lady has a freaky alter ego.

Question: Say a couple has never done the alter ego thing and as the woman gets a little freaky the man calls her another name. She stops and he says he just made the name up.

Is that a foul?

Does the name have to be agreed upon first, or does the woman have to come up with the name...are there rules to this game?

It's not for me...I have this friend and......oh forget it, just answer the questions please, LOL!


Fitness Goddess said...

I want to say it's fine if he made it up. But if my man called me another name I would probably wonder if it was really someone in his past or something. Idk it's all in what you can handle I guess.

Del's Baby Girl said...

Thanks FG!

That's what I thought. It seemed a bit random and the name was too common. It really was a friends story and I didn't give her any input since it was not a game I ever played :o) I just put it out there! said...

Sometimes one off instances should be ignored for a long term relationship !!! IT's OK i guess