Saturday, August 2, 2008

Black princess?

Is this an appeasement, or are we asking for trouble?

What's up with the toothless bug, that may not be racist but it stereotypes southerners. I live in KY, so I know when a stereotype hits home. Everything I'd ever seen mocked was REAL down here and suddenly it wasn't funny.

Overall, I still think Disney is the debil and doubt that the message will be any better with a Black lead. Each story teaches you to wish you were something you are not. My daughter watched Mulan II (someone figured I wouldn't mind since she was non-white, that is NOT the criteria) and is now singing, "I want to be like other girls" and I have to stop her and tell her that she should want to be herself because she is beautiful, smart and funny.

I'm all for separate but equal. Separate means we do it our way, equal means the same resources behind it. We need to pull out of this crap.

I remain hopeful...but doubtful.


Lovebabz said...

I hear you. But as it stands my daughters like the Disney Princesses. It is a fact that I cannot get around. I like the fact that there will be a Princess of Color. I feel the same way about Barbie and Bratz dolls, but at the end of the day...what I present to them in my eryday living will have more weight than old princess or doll.

I had Barbie dolls and I turned out ok. I did not want to look like Barbie...although I did want her fly ass apartment and car! Do you rememebr her girly-girl pad? Shoot and her wardrobe.

When I was a politician I attended Yale Campaign School and during that time they were selling Barbie for President dolls! I bought 2 one fo rmy daughter and one for Barbie was multi-racial looking...not dark, but clearly not White. She came with a navy suit and a red ball gown...LOL! All you need to be President! LOL!

clnmike said...

I understand where your coming from Disney has not been black friendly since there start there archives have some real blatent racist cartoons. But i would wait and see.

My problem is with this idea that we need whites to produce things for us as if there acknowledgment of black people justifies are existance.

Don said...

Something about a corporation that hasn't exactly rolled out the welcome mat to black depictions that leads one to be somewhat skeptical when they suddenly do, right?

I feel you.